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Our priority during this time is to ensure healthcare professionals have the tools they need to take care of patients – and that patients have access to the highest quality care. To make this possible we have launched “Direct to Patient Shipping”. This means that patients can now have access to cardiac monitoring at home, without having to visit a clinic or hospital. Our “Direct to Patient Shipping” supports clinicians in continuing with vital cardiac monitoring services. Please contact us to find out more.

Patients can now receive and apply Zio monitors right from their homes.

For Patients: Receive Your Zio XT Cardiac Monitor at Home


What is Direct to Patient Shipping


You’ll receive the cardiac monitoring you need direct to you, without having to visit a clinic or hospital. Your monitor will be shipped directly to you, and you’ll apply the monitor yourself by following simple instructions. It’s easy. And of course, if you need additional assistance, our Customer Care is available 24/7 at 0808 1893411

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Patient FAQs

The Zio monitor is a heart monitor that your doctor has prescribed to record your heartbeats. Using the information collected, your doctor can make a diagnosis and create an effective treatment plan.

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For Clinicians: Remote Cardiac Monitoring Sent Direct to Your Patients

We want to help in these unprecedented times. In recognition of a need to reduce the increasing strain on healthcare resources and limit the number of people visiting hospitals across the country. We want to support you in continuing to ensure that patients have access to the critical cardiac care they need.

Doctor patient shipping FAQs

Through our Direct Shipping process, upon your order we ship a Zio monitor directly to your patients. Patients receive very simple instructions to apply the device at home, and our customer service team can support 24/7 on 0808 189 3411. This eliminates the need for a clinic visit for applying Zio XT or to return the monitor at the end of the wear period. Direct Shipping to Patients also eliminates staff exposure to cleaning or reusing returned monitors that may have been exposed to viruses or other pathogens.

Clinics register patients via iRhythm’s patient management web portal (Zioreports.com).

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Where can I get the Zio service?

The Zio system is available in both the private sector and the NHS. Please fill out the short form and a representative will follow up with you to appeal a convenient location.