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The Proven Ambulatory Cardiac Monitoring Service

how it works?

Certainty in a single test

Zio Xt Patient friendly monitor

Achieve maximum patient compliance with the most comfortable, easy-to-use heart monitor. Zio empowers patients to maintain a clean, uninterrupted signal with minimal effort or disruption to their lifestyle.

Deep Learning algorithm

Zio’s deep learning algorithm detects and classifies 10 arrhythmias with expert-level accuracy.

Comprehensive patient report

The Zio patient report provides a clear, comprehensive and clinically actionable view of a patient’s cardiac activity.

the right treatment and diagnosis

Eliminate the hassle of repeated, inconclusive tests. Zio’s flexible monitoring time allows you to choose the best time frame for your patient and capture all the data you need.

About zio xt

Continuous, uninterrupted patient monitoring

We combine a simplified wear experience with innovative detection and analysis to put doctors and patients on a shorter path to the answers they need.

About our Algorithm

Why our algorithm matters

Our deep learning algorithm can expedite comprehension of large ECG data sets, boosting clinical efficiency with a high degree of accuracy. Leveraging the world’s largest repository of curated ambulatory ECG patient data collected from over 2 million patients, physicians can focus on patient care while we accelerate the diagnostic journey.


What healthcare professionals are saying

Dr Yassir Javaid MBBChir (Cambridge), MA MRCGP MRCP PGDip Cardiology GPSI and Clinical lead for Cardiology

The Zio service offers the potential to revolutionise the diagnostic pathway for patients with suspected arrhythmia in primary care. It offers an innovative, streamlined and patient friendly solution for capturing paroxysmal arrhythmias within the community and can avoid significant downstream costs as well as significantly reduce the time to diagnosis or reassurance.


Where can I get the Zio service?

The Zio system is available in both the private sector and the NHS. Please fill out the short form and a representative will follow up with you to appeal a convenient location.

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