Definitive Diagnosis Accelerated Care

Flexible Time Frame

In one single test and up to 14 days of monitoring, physicians get all the data they need to accurately diagnose.

Assured Clinical Accuracy

99% median analysable time combined with our deep neural network and review by highly trained cardiac technicians helps ensure critical insights aren’t missed.

Patient-Friendly Design

With no maintenance or special attention required, the Zio service facilitates high patient compliance.


We’re a digital healthcare company redefining the way cardiac arrhythmias are clinically diagnosed

Our Zio service allows physicians to diagnose many arrhythmias more quickly and efficiently than traditional technologies and avoid multiple indeterminate tests.

THE current problem

Atrial fibrillation (AF) affects an estimated 1.4 million people in the UK, contributing to increased stroke risk and creating significant financial impact on healthcare systems. We believe that the Zio service allows physicians to diagnose many arrhythmias more quickly and efficiently than traditional technologies and avoid multiple indeterminate tests.

Early detection of heart rhythm disorders, such as atrial fibrillation (“AF”) and other clinically relevant arrhythmias, allows for appropriate medical intervention and helps avoid more serious downstream medical events, including stroke.

1.4 Million

people in the UK suffer with AF

1 in 4
people with AF are undiagnosed
5x risk

to have a stroke if AF is undiagnosed and not managed

2.2 billion

Arrhythmias have a £2.2b financial impact on healthcare systems

Source: Transforming services: a systems based approach. Public Health England. Published July 14, 2016. Accessed May 1, 2018.

Proven history

Our innovation timeline


Company Founded at Stanford Biodesign Center


First-Gen Zio Patch Receives FDA Clearance


Commercial Launch of Zio XT


First (of 20+) Peer-Reviewed Clinical Studies Published


Initial Public Offering on NASDAQ


Over 2 million patients treated


Acquisition of iCardia


iRhythm Cited by White House


First of 13 Patents Issued to iRhythm

Second-Gen Zio Patch Receives FDA Clearance


ISO and CE Mark Certification


Zio AT Monitoring System Receives FDA Clearance

One Millionth Patient Treated

With over 20 peer reviewed publications and over 2 million patients, we are a proven monitoring solution. With our rich heritage stemming from Stanford Biodesign, we are a trusted partner for your cardiac ambulatory monitoring service.

Our solution

Continuous, uninterrupted monitoring

Zio Xt Patient-friendly monitor

The Zio service was designed specifically to facilitate high patient compliance and allow data to be recorded uninterrupted and continuously for up to 14 days.


No gaps in data due to patient-centric design


Convenient button to mark episodes


Patients can continue daily activities while wearing the Zio monitor, including showering and exercising.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and 
our Zio deep learning algorithm

Developed in collaboration with the Stanford Machine Learning Group, our deep neural network can detect and identify 10 arrhythmia classes. Combining deep learning and classic machine learning capabilities with our expert cardiac technician review, Zio by iRhythm gives physicians and patients the assurance of expert-level accuracy in arrhythmia detection.


10 arrhythmias classified


Faster diagnosis and accelerated patient care


Faster diagnosis and accelerated patient care