Expert-level accuracy
Accelerated patient care


Our goal

Helping healthcare professionals achieve a definitive diagnosis, and accelerate your patients treatment pathway


Combining our technology with expert cardiac technician review, Zio by iRhythm gives physicians the assurance of expert-level accuracy in arrhythmia detection while bringing patient care to the forefront.


More time spent with patients, not with patient data


Streamlined workflows for optimal efficiency

Our algorithm

Expedition of large ECG data sets increase efficiency at scale


AI technology can expedite comprehension of large ECG data sets, boosting clinical efficiency and letting physicians focus on patient care rather than having to re-look at questionable strips.

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Quality data, robust analysis


99% mean
analysable time

The Zio Service provides uninterrupted data and high diagnostic yield to diagnose arrhythmias accurately first time. Turakhia, M., et al. Diagnostic Utility of a Novel Leadless Arrhythmia Monitoring Device. The American Journal of Cardiology, 2013

Certified cardiac technician review

We employ certified cardiac technicians
specialised in advanced arrhythmia interpretation. Our experts review all reports prior to posting, giving confidence and assurance with the Zio Service.

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Where can I get the Zio service?

The Zio system is available in both the private sector and the NHS. Please fill out the short form and a representative will follow up with you to appeal a convenient location.