All the data you need.

With the Zio XT you’ll have access to a powerful ECG monitor that delivers high-quality, accurate data, helping you to make a diagnosis.


Zio XT

Long-Term Continuous Monitor

The monitor
patients prefer.1

Zio XT was designed with the patient in mind, so they can go about their lives with minimal disruption. No battery charges or replacements, or electrode repositioning are required. As a result, real-world data shows an impressive 98% patient compliance.2

0 patient


98% patient


88% of patients
found Zio
easy to use2


83% of patients
would wear
Zio again2

Patients can:


Long-term continuous monitor


3-times the
diagnostic yield.2, 3


Zio XT is as accurate as the gold standard at detecting AF burden.4


Easy application. No leads or wires.

Zio XT is a single-use monitor, and has been designed for simple application. The Zio XT comes with all that you need to deliver a seamless patient experience.

“We think there’s huge value in this technology in terms of its clinical use and we’ve certainly been lucky recipients of this technology, as have our patients. Zio has made a big impact already in terms of getting appropriate monitoring for our patients and yielding some early important outcomes that can change clinical management”

Dr Joe Mills

Cardiologist at Liverpool Heart and Chest NHS Hospital

†Avoid excessive sweating. Do not shower for the initial 24 hours.

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